who we are

raw velvet: is a owner-managed full service design and creative agency. The founders and graduate designers Cordula and Marlon Paffenholz and their team of experts combine profound expertise with a real passion for their job. Strategic business communication, branding, corporate design, trade fair design, photography and film – we cover all aspects of (audio)visual communication. For projects that last and stick in the mind.

Who we are:

We are a network of passionate designers, story-tellers, creators and creative thinkers. We love shaping things, giving them their very own and unique form; creating connections nobody else has ever come up with before; diving right to the core of a brand and revealing its inner beauty. This passion is what’s driving us in our work – each day and every day.

Our creed:

With our designs and concepts, we want to hit the mark and give brands a recognisable and authentic identity. We believe that personal vanity, pretentiousness and petty egotism do not have a place in this process. Therefore, our work is based on honesty, trust, reliability and transparency. Over the years, many longstanding relationships with our clients have formed – and we’re constantly doing our best for many more to come!

How we work:

Unique and exceptional ideas come to life when authenticity meets passion. This is the creed we live both in our interaction with clients and behind the scenes. For us, real team work is about finding the ideal solution and creating the perfect result – and nothing else.

This means skipping all unnecessary yakking and ego-talk and focussing on the work at hand: as a team and in a cooperative way. That allows us to open up new paths, discover fresh perspectives and shape ideas into graspable forms. With our vast network of experts from a variety of different fields, we offer you true 360° solutions – for a unique and individualised brand experience.

“With raw velvet, I want to really delve into things, to get to their very core so as to bring their unique character and individual beauty to life.”
Marlon Paffenholz