Our services

We design and develop to arouse emotions. With fresh design, we put together a comprehensive overall package. With passion and quality, we give brands in the most diverse disciplines their unique brilliance.

Away from standard solutions, we look for tailor-made concepts for your brand that are ideally suited to you and your target groups. We focus on the idea of your brand. We tell stories that want to be told. That’s why we are passionate about lively communication that sticks, about branding with substance and emotion, stories with heart and brain. Ideas that connect people with products and companies.

We deliver everything from the development of a brand and communication strategy to the drafting of your corporate design and communication tools.

We develop communication concepts.

We accompany your company and your brands to target group-oriented communication. We are passionate designers, storytellers, creative thinkers and we love to give things a very special shape and to create new, fresh audio-visual connections.

  • Brand workshops
  • Branding
  • Brand Design Consulting
  • Communication and digital strategies

Corporate Design
We develop visual identities.

Our design concepts transfer the DNA of your brand into images, texts and communication strategies. In the process, connections are created where all the individual parts fit together perfectly. Suddenly, everything makes sense, rationality and emotion come together – and a brand comes to life. Therefore, brand design is a very powerful tool for us. We develop the visual identity of your brand.

  • Corporate & Brand Design
  • Corporate Design Guidelines
  • Logo Design
  • Cross-media layout concepts
  • Development of photo / image languages
  • Icons, infographics and illustration styles
  • Business stationery
  • Brochures, flyers & magazines
  • Pictograms & Icons
  • Orientation & guidance systems

We develop headlines and texts.

A sound text strategy is part of every design process. We develop clear concepts and copy strategies that result in coherent text/image visualisations, because strong images need strong headlines and comprehensible, entertaining texts and messages.

  • Texts for websites, landing pages
  • Texts for newsletters
  • Texts for mailings and invitations
  • Texts for customer magazines and staff magazines
  • Social media posts
  • Texts for SEO (search engine optimisation)

We develop and code websites.

Websites are often one of the first touchpoints of your company for your target group(s). With a good web design you will leave a lasting impression for the visitor of your website. Web design is more than just the complete appearance of your company. It also includes a coherent layout, a well designed navigation structure and user guidance that will turn customers and those who are to become customers into fans!

  • Individual, tailor-made web design
  • Digital strategies and user experience design
  • Responsive web design
  • Individual website coding in WordPress
  • Integration and development of online shops with e.g. WooCommerce
  • Integration of merchandise management <> online shop
  • Automatic XML or CSV content import
  • HTML5, CSS, PHP, jQuery, Bootstrap, etc.

We plan and control photo and video productions.

We take care of the perfect realisation of your visual contents.
Together, we develop and tell your stories that entertain, inform and move emotionally, regardless of whether they are for your own website, for social media or for a trade fair presentation. We produce and tell your content in exciting photos or moving images and thus reach the minds and emotions of your customers.

  • Conception & pre-production
  • Realisation photo / video production
  • Post production photography (from look development to skin retouching)
  • Post production videography (editing, sound and colour grading)
  • Image films, product films and explanatory films
  • Live streaming

Project Management
We plan and manage on- and offline projects.

We take care of the perfect realisation in print processing, web development, video productions, advertising technology processing, social media marketing, quality control and management. Complete documentation and archiving of the projects are naturally part of the service.

  • Off- & Online Project Management Print & Web
  • Social media editorial scheduling
  • WordPress backend training
  • Social media channels training

Let’s realise your next project together. We are looking forward to it!

A new brand identity. Portrait photography that shows real personality. Images and texts that get straight to the point. Design that really fits to your brand. Image videos with substance and fun. Heartfelt projects are more than just hard facts.