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Klaus Gundel: a winemaker who has found in creating wines not only a profession, but also a passion. The love of the product, the enthusiasm for the highest quality and the joy when everything comes together in a new wine – that is what makes Klaus Gundel’s wines. And it is just as convincing as his claim to produce wines with character, with the corresponding rough edges, their very own charm and a portion of individuality. This individuality is appreciated by sommeliers and restaurateurs from top gastronomy, who today are among his regular customers.

Dazzling variety, joie de vivre and uniqueness are essential parts of the “Klaus Gundel” brand. Consistently implemented down to the last detail, this principle runs through the entire brand presence. With individuality and a certain extravagance, the brand keeps attracting attention just like the wines, the brand stands for. A visual explosion of flavours!

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